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Posted: June 02, 2016

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Cheap doesn’t work

There are a few things in life in which it doesn't pay to buy cheap; parachutes, brake linings and aeroplane tyres are just a couple of things that come to mind. Without a doubt, another of the things you should avoid buying cheaply is any essay writing service that you engage to do work on your behalf, at college or university. If you think about it for a second, you have spent possibly thousands of dollars achieving the point that you have reached in your education, so why throw it away by engaging the services of an inept and unsuitable essay writing service?

Students engage an essay writing service for all sorts of reasons. One of the major problems is that they simply fall behind with their essays and find themselves in the situation that they cannot possibly catch up. This means that they are both stressed and under enormous pressure to be able to complete assignments and neither of these conditions are really conducive to being able to complete correctly, any task at these levels of complexity.

There are, of course, many other reasons for falling behind with essays;  illness is a major problem and accounts for many students turning to the services of an essay writing company. Illness is looked upon as a genuine reason for, perhaps, being unable to complete assignments. This is because everybody has some sympathy with anyone who, through no fault of their own, becomes unable to keep up with the workload.

Another of the reasons that is not so often considered is simply that they might not have the ability to write English to the kind of standard might be required when completing some of the more onerous assignments such as research papers and dissertations. Even people for whom English is their first language, find difficulty, at degree level and above, putting together a coherent and readable piece of prose which will gain them the kind of grades that they are seeking.

Don't sell yourself short

A student may be perfectly able in complicated subjects like physics or chemistry or biology and qualified to understand Newton's third law of motion, fractional distillation, and mycology, and be capable of expressing these perfectly in terms of equations and short notes and jottings. Unfortunately, when it comes to serious written English, the same student may well find it impossible to set out their thoughts on paper - even though they may well be perfectly capable of doing so in their native language.

It is under these circumstances and the ones mentioned above that it may well be well worth considering engaging the services of an essay writing service. These services were originally set up a number of years ago, but were frowned upon by the universities and colleges, and other institutions, as they looked upon the practice, as that of cheating. This cloud has since passed, and the establishments now look more favourably upon the practice as they realise that the talents of some students can be adversely affected, simply because they are unable to express themselves in written English.

There are hundreds of essay writing services out there in the marketplace and many of those cheap writing services which prey on the desperation of students who have left it either too late to finish their papers, or have deliberately decided that they are going to have the papers written for them anyway.

The usual way of students being cheated is that these companies offer very low prices, coupled with very tight deadlines. A closer look by anyone who has been involved in writing essays would know instantly that the that these are virtually impossible to complete. The student duly sends off their money and finds that no paper is sent back at all, or, if it is sent back, it is a piece of work copied from a previous student essay, or heavily plagiarised from another source altogether. Either way, the essay or paper is completely unusable.

The only way around this conundrum is simply not to use the cheapest writing service. The best way of finding out the pros and cons of the better writing services is to consult the ratings and review sites like Sitejabber, TrustPilot, Manta and Glassdoor. These are sites which students participate in and in which write about their experiences with essay writing service companies that they have had dealings with, and by whom papers have been written.

By looking through these sites, the student can compile a short list of essay writing companies which are highly regarded and genuine, rather than the cheap writing service that they may have been considering. They can then get in touch with the individual companies concerned, and speak to their customer services departments to explore the avenues open to them, and the likely costs and deadlines involved.

With the better services like essayguard.com, students can rest assured that they are getting by exceptional service and value for money and that that their essays will be completed properly - getting them the grades that they are looking for.