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Posted: May 25, 2016

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Who to choose?

Every student who has ever studied at college or university has at some point faced the prospect of just being overwhelmed with the amount of work coming their way. Given the amount of coursework and the number of assignments which are dished out like candy these days, it is not surprising that student stress is on the rise and that many are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up.

Unfortunately, the older methods of dealing with this no longer apply. It was once possible to ask a friend or a colleague to give you a hand with work which was outstanding. However, because of the increased workload, the very people that you could have asked are now snowed under with their own work, and because of that, they can't help you either!

With the innovations of the internet age has come the answer to many students prayers. Students who are behind with their work for reasons of sickness or procrastination, or family issues, to name but a few can now engage writing services online. These companies will take your essay, paper, or other written work and complete it for you if you are not willing, or able to do so yourself.

Why us?

Up until quite recently, such practices were frowned upon by colleges and universities. The whole idea was looked upon as a means of cheating and not in keeping with the ethos of most of the institutions involved.

As the number of students studying in countries other than their own has increased, there has been a relaxation in the attitude towards obtaining help with written assignments. It is now recognized that simply because somebody is unable to write in English in a convincing and logical style, it does not necessarily mean that they cannot assimilate the subject that they are studying. You may, for instance, be a whiz at chemistry and know all there is to know about formulation and fractional distillation, covalent bonds and reactions, but you may simply not be able to express that knowledge, on paper, in English.

By using a  writing service online it is possible to level the playing field for those students who are native English speakers and who have no trouble putting together a paper by themselves.

Discover how

The best place to start looking for any writing services online is by actually searching for, "what is the best writing service" on Google!

This or, "best writing services online" will pull up hundreds of such companies touting for business; complete with unbelievable deals of cheap essays and amazing results. This is where you have to be careful because there are many scam enterprises in the marketplace who, after taking your money, will either not complete any work, or will use essays written by other students, or papers they have culled from other research projects, and pass them off as new and original work - thereby plagiarizing such papers and making them ineligible for submission.

We have found that the best answer to this is to use review sites such as Sitejabber, TrustPilot, Manta and Glassdoor. All of these are independent review & rating sites and have been put up by students who have used the companies mentioned, for writing services online in the past. The sites are well laid out, and it is easy to see which ones are reliable and trustworthy, and those which are not. Each has a star system where a company is rated by a system of up to 5; with Stars 5 being the highest, and 1 being the lowest. The student comments cover everything from the actual writing of the paper, the writers themselves, the standard of the English used, the adherence to the deadlines - and - of course, the cost.

Once you have gone through this link, you will then have formed a better idea of which companies to use, but probably have a shortlist of the ones that you would like to follow up. You can then go through the shortlist and contact these companies individually, speak to the customer services department, and establish which are the best writing services for you.

The best writing services will be helpful and knowledgeable about the various products that they can supply, and the kind of costs you can expect to pay to have them completed. They can also recommend and put you in touch with writers who would be able to cover your subject and complete your paper to the deadline date that you need. Once you have paid your fee, you will then be able to liaise with the writer directly and work together on the project until completion.

Here at essayguard.com, we would love to hear from you if you have any kind of essay or paper that you need to be written. Our own customer services team will assist you to discover more of our services and the ways in which we can help you.